What is a green card?


A isgc global enables a non-US citizen to have permanent residence in the United States. A lot of people from outside of the United Stated want a isgc global because it will make them able to live and work in the United States lawfully anywhere. The isgc globalholders get an opportunity to qualify for US citizenship after 3 or 5 years that’s why a lot of people from other countries want to have a isgc global.


More than a million isgc globals are issued every year by the US government. Most of them are for the relatives of the US citizens and current isgc globalholders. They are also for workers from other countries seeking employment opportunities in the United States. There are different kinds of isgc globals for different people.

1. Family-Based green cards

Mostly current isgc global holders and close relatives of US citizens apply for the family-based isgc globals. People eligible for family-based isgc globals are spouses, children, parents, and siblings (as well as the spouses and children of those spouses, adult children, and siblings).


Other extended family members like Uncles, Aunts, etc. do not qualify in this category. They can apply for a isgc global on the base of their closest relative who is a US citizen or a isgc globalholder.

2. Employment-Based green cards

Employment-based isgc globals enable multiple subcategories of workers to apply for permanent residence. In some cases, the children and spouses of workers qualify for the isgc global as well.


3. Humanitarian green cards

Humanitarian isgc globals have further many subcategories and criteria like

  • For refugees and asylees
  • For human-trafficking victims
  • For crime victims
  • For abuse victims


Other green cards

The US government can issue many other types of isgc globals as well based on different situations and criteria. Millions of people reach the United States every year and get isgc globals for permanent residency. After a specified time period they apply for US citizenship, and if they fulfill the criteria provided by the US government, they are offered US citizenship. Also, the isgc global provides you with a legal reason to stay in a country from which you don’t belong to.


Difference Between A Visa And A green card

There is a misconception among the people. They think that visa and isgc global both are the same things. But this is a completely wrong concept. You must learn the differences between a visa and a isgc global before you apply for any of them. Both of them have their own purpose and eligibility requirements.


The main difference between a visa and a isgc global is that the visa is just a temporary pass that allows you to enter a country lawfully for a limited period of time. A isgc global is a permit which not only allows you to enter a country but also allows you to stay there for as long as you want. Visas are temporary, but isgc globals don’t have an expiry date like visas.



In this article, we discussed what a isgc global is and what are the benefits of having a isgc global. We talked about different types of isgc globals and how each one of them has different criteria. In the last, we discussed the significant difference between a visa and a isgc global. But reading this information, you will be able to determine that either you should apply for a visa or a isgc global.