Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The company’s sites use cookies to gather & store information & data.
Cookies are data common collected and transferred by the web site to user’s (surfer) computer’s (HDD) hard drive solely for record-keeping purposes. Using the company’s sites as well as using many sites, include collecting cookies and computers identity information. The company reserves the right to monitor IP addresses in order to analyze data, yet, those addresses aren’t linked to personal identifiable information. Restricting cookies through browser, may restrict the user’s use of the company’s sites since it may block features, the company won’t be liable for any failure of user’s personal computer as well settings and changes due to any use of cookies. The company is the owner of the collected information to the site. The personal information provided by the user (such as Contact details, financial information etc.) will be used as communication agreed details between the user and the company.
Information shared with partners and third parties, if shared, won’t reveal any identify personal individual information, beside factors & companies necessary for providing the services such as credit card companies, chipping companies etc. Third parties  shouldn’t use personal identifiable information beside the purpose of providing the necessary services for the process given as an added value service and gaudiness.
The company won’t be responsible in any matter to privacy practice nor obligations of other websites or adds which are not owned by us, the company, whether the user surfed the site randomly or by clicking a link on the company’s site or else.  The users advised to read the privacy policies as well as the terms and conditions and any other legal information regarding the sites they surf, since the agreement below is only relevant to the company’s sites and services.

The company uses promoting methods including but not limited to organic promotions, Google tools such as AdSense advertising etc. some of the third party vendors use their own first party cookies and they are committed to their own agreements (such as privacy policy & terms and conditions, users are advised to read those agreements). Some of the vendors (whom are third parties) along with google (whom use first party cookies collecting) in addition to other parties cookie collector sites/engines, and the company compile together the data regarding the user’s interactions with the adds services functions related to company’s sites and services in addition to ad impressions. Users can set and define their own privacy preferences on sites and apps such as google, in order to change the way those sits and apps collect, advertise and use the user’s information.

The user remain liable for the accuracy of information that provides, and agrees to be available to the company, in order to provide additional information if needed for the process. The user consent to the disclosure of certain personally identifiable information as given to the company and transferred to the DV program.


The company will use the following clients information such as: First and Last Name, Phone number, Email address, Country of birth and current country and education level, for and only to register them to the official “US DV lottery program” or to check their eligibility.
The company will save the information only if the client agrees to the terms and conditions and become the company permanent customer.
If the client wish to stop our services his information will be deleted within 7 business days.

The company’s e-mail addresses and phone numbers list is made of users approaching the company on their own free will and providing contact information includes e-mail addresses and phone numbers to us. Once the company accepts the user’s first registration step, we may contact the user in order to provide him information about the services suggested by us. Moreover, once the user paid for our added value services, the company may continue sending emails or contacting the user by phone, to verify and promote the process of registration including but not limited to verifying photos and other information uploading as well as updating information if needed. In addition, the company may send offers to different services and additional products to the users, though; each massage contains a link with the ability to opt-out of the email subscription and any user may at any time contact the company (by fax and or telephone and or email etc) and request to subscribe from the e-mails and or phone number lists. In order to make sure the company is able to follow the user’s request, the user obligates to verify the acceptance of the massage by the company. Once the company approved the request arrival, it will be handled within 10 business days.

In case credit card will be entered on-line in the company’s web site, the site will be encrypted with SSL as the credit company requires.