Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visa Types

If a person wants to enter the USA, then he must obtain a visa. There are two types of US immigrant visas such as immigrant and non-immigrant visas. An immigrant visa is issued to those people who are seeking permanent residence in the USA on the other hand non-immigrant visa is authorized to stay in the USA for a specific period of time or as a tourist.

Visa Information for Immigrants:

Many types of visas can be obtained to enter the United States. Each type of visa has a series of requirements, terms, and conditions to be able to come and stay in the United States for a limited time.

Visas are divided into two types:

  • for immigrants and
  • non-immigrants.

In this section, we share information about immigrant visas and non-immigrant visas.


What is a US immigrant visa?

A US immigrant visa is a legal document issued by a United States consular officer abroad that enables you to travel to the US and you can also apply for admission as a lawful permanent resident (LPR).

Types of immigration visa:

There are different types of immigration visas which are listed below:

Family visas:

  • Visas for brothers or sisters (F4):

This visa is to apply for brothers or sisters of US citizens who can obtain permanent legal residence. You will need to prove the relationship.

  • Adoption visas:

This visa is for boys and girls adopted abroad to be allowed to enter the United States as the adoption process is completed.

Employment visas:

Employment visas are very varied and depend a lot on the type of job, position, and company that the employee is applying for. However, in these US immigrant visas, you must have a job offer (or the creation of a job) before you can apply for it.

  • Visas for employed persons:

This visa is for employees of foreign companies that do business in the United States and want to transfer employees to the United States.

  • Investor Visas:

This visa is for people who want to invest in the United States and create businesses. If you comply with the terms and conditions of the visa, you can obtain legal permanent residence.

  • Visas for professionals of extraordinary ability:

This visa is for people who have different abilities or specialized knowledge in a particular area. They must show that they will work in that area of ​​specialized knowledge in the United States permanently.

  • Visas for translators in conflict zones:

These visas are for foreigners who have served as translators for the US military.

 Religious visas:

These visas are for religious people who immigrate to the United States permanently.

What is a non-immigrant visa?

Non-immigrant visas are for foreign citizens who do not want to stay permanently in the United States, such as tourists or people traveling for work. Non-immigrant visas are the most common type of visa in the US immigration system. The type of non-immigrant visa determines how long the person is allowed to stay in the country and what type of activities they can carry out.

Types of non-immigration visa:

There are different types of non-immigration visas which are listed below:

Fiancé visas:

Are you engaged to a non-citizen? You can bring your fiancé to the United States for marriage by filing a petition with the United States Office of Citizenship and Immigration. The K-1 fiancé or visa program allows non-citizens to come to the United States with their fiancé-citizen under certain circumstances.

Visa Waiver Program:

The Visa waiver program allows citizens of different countries to enter the US for a short period of time. Tourists or people traveling for work from selected countries are allowed to enter and stay in the US without a visa for up to 90 days.

Visas through the family:

US immigration laws value family unification and therefore allow people to obtain a visa through their family. The laws carefully define the family relationships that form the foundation for an immigrant visa.

Tourist visa:

This visa is to be able to visit the United States for a limited period of time. It depends on the country; this visa can be a single entry or multiple entries.

Study visas:

A study visa allows you to reside in the US while you complete a program at an accredited university. You should know that this type of visa does not allow you to obtain a work permit.

Crew visa:

This visa is for crew members of ships, cruises, trains, or planes that end up in the United States.

Athletes, competitions, events, and arts visas:

These visas are for athletes or artists who wish to participate in specific events or competitions.

Other US non-immigrant visas:

There are many other types of US non-immigrant visas, such as:

  • Visa for crossing between Mexico and the USA
  • Diplomatic visas
  • Medical treatments
  • Press visas
  • Academic visa (F visa)
  • Vocational or non-academic visa (M visa)
  • Exchange visa (J visa)
  • VAWA Visa
  • Visa U
  • Visa T

If you want to learn more about non-immigrant visas, then visit the official website of US immigration.