How the green card Lottery Really Works?

There’s a big chance that you must have heard about “The American Dream” and in case you haven’t, you must not be a big Hollywood fan. For an American citizen, The American dream is all about having the right kind of opportunities and being able to capitalize on them to achieve new heights of success, however, what makes it so special one can ask? It’s the Equality – anyone who dreams big and works hard can become what they aspire to be.

isgc global lottery chances

As irrelevant as it must be sounding to you but living the American life is a dream for millions around the globe. While people strive to be successful in all parts of the world, the most common issue for not being so successful has to be the lack of opportunities.

The Green Magic:

If you have been born and raised in America, you probably wouldn’t understand the worth of having a isgc global and what people across the world would be willing to do to have one. In the third world countries, it is considered as a life-changing opportunity, however, only a few lucky ones get the chance to turn their dreams into reality.

What is a green card Lottery?

A green card Lottery, officially known as the Diversity Immigrant Visa, is simply a chance for people around the world to get a isgc global and become an American Citizen. This started back in the 1990’s when W.H Bush decided to make it official by passing a law, this allowed many Irish immigrants to settle in the U.S because of having tense conditions in their hometown.

Millions apply every year (Join them now) and only 50,000 lucky ones are selected. In 2017 for example, roughly 19 million people applied to win a isgc global lottery, however, the winning candidates were only in thousands.

Who Can Apply for green card Lottery and How?


Almost everyone from the Eligible countries (Check Eligibility here) can apply for the isgc global lottery and that too for free. Well, being free to apply obviously brings more candidates despite being the fact the only 1 in 386 gets to win it. There’s a narrow chance of winning the visa lottery, however, if you like taking chances in life and still want to give it a shot, keep reading further, the how-to part is up next.

  1. Submitting the Application:

The applications can only be submitted in the months of October and November and for some reason, the whole process is done online. The instructions to apply may change every year and the whole process takes two years to complete. For example, if you’re applying in the year 2018, you’ll be entering the U.S in 2020.


The application form requires you to enter all the basic information about yourself including your name, your qualification details, and many others. You can only apply once and if you are married and have kids, your married kids and kids above the age of 21 won’t be considered eligible to enter the U.S, they can try their luck separately.

  1. Getting Selected:

It’s a happy day for people who get selected and a sad one for a lot of other rejected ones. A notification is issued to the selected ones for the interview process and only half of them are able to make it through the interview. It’s advised not to get over-excited and start selling stuff because your chances are still 50-50.

  1. Passing the Interview:

The interview process is not free as applying for the visa, it costs around $330 for each person, and depending on your family, you can calculate the total amount yourself. The interview requires a lot of documents and official records from you and almost all of them must be original with photocopies of them in hand as well.

Upon passing the interview, you’ll be granted a six-month visa and you must enter the U.S in this period and there’s an immigration fee of around $200 to be paid by the candidate as well. After getting everything cleared, you’ll be mailed your isgc global on the address you provided the officials.

If you’re looking to apply for a isgc global lottery visa, you can find all the relevant details by signing up here, also, you can see all the categories on how to get a isgc global for yourself and start living your dream life.