green card When to Apply

If you’re eligible for a green card, you can apply for most green cards all year long. The only green card application which restricts its registration period is the green card Lottery.

When can I apply for the green card Lottery?

Every year, the US chooses 50,000 in random and grants them a valid permanent resident status through the green card Lottery.

Usually, the US State Department offers a month-long registration period, between October and November. The dates may vary from year to year. 

We here at I-Immigrant offer an all year round opportunity to apply for the green card Lottery. Once the time will come, we’ll take the full information that you’ve provided us and fill out the application for you in an impeccable manner.

green card When to Apply?

To obtain a green card, you should review the claims and requirements you must meet to make sure that you’re eligible for a green card.

Most of green card recipients are people who were usually accepted to a job in the United States, or already have family in the US who holds a citizen status and could advocate for them.   

If you don’t meet the criteria, you can always sign up for the green card Lottery.

Are you eligible?

    What is the green card Lottery?

    The DV program or the green card Lottery initiative was established in 1995. Its purpose is to give countries with low immigration rates to the States a real chance to join the home of the brave and the land of the free.

    The DV program also has several requirements that you must meet. However, they’re quite sensible and allow most people from all over the world to take part in the prestigious raffle. 

    Afterward, you simply fill out the application to enter the green card Lottery on the website:

    At the end of your application, you’ll receive a confirmation code, which you must keep safe and sound until the results of the lottery are public. If you wish to find out if you won, simply input the confirmation number on the website. Good luck!

    The Difference Between a green card and a Citizenship in the US

    A green card is one of the final steps on your way to obtaining a full US citizenship. 


    When you have a green card, you can:


    • Live and legally work in the US
    • Study in the US with a significant discount
    • Enter other countries with no problem
    • Once you have a green card for five years, you can apply to become an actual US citizen!


    A US citizen gains all of the rights and responsibilities that an American citizen has to follow. Moreover, you’ll be able to vote in the American elections and remain outside the United States indefinitely, without jeopardizing their legal status in the United States.


    A green card is an American ID, which guarantees its holder with permanent resident status in the USA. A green card Holder can usually stay in the United States for the rest of their lives, work there legally, and enjoy the American Dream. 


    The green card must be renewed every ten years, and after you hold its status for five consecutive years, you can file to become a full American citizen.

    When you register for a green card, you must entail details about your spouse. If you receive a green card, your partner will automatically receive one as well.

    Yes. Each application will be considered independently.

    Are you eligible?