green card Lottery Requirements

U.S green card Lottery Requirements

The green card requirments application process is very bureaucratic and entails many steps. Although the U.S State Department doesn’t require any English test and doesn’t aim to determine your English level, you’ll have to fill out the entire application in English and be as clear and as specific as possible.

U.S DV Program Qualification

Once you have all the information at hand, you can start registration for the green card Lottery.
A few countries are excluded from the U.S green card Lottery due to their nationalities being well-represented in the U.S and the desire to diversify the American population.
These countries are:

Green Card Requirements

Are You Eligible?

Green Card Requirements

Frequently asked questions

No. You can easily submit the green card application with no particular details about your English skills, and you certainly don’t need English to be your mother-tongue. 

However, it’s crucial that the forms themselves will be filled out with perfect English and will meet the government’s standards.

Yes. If you happen to live in an excluded country but have a second nationality or a different place of birth, you can use it to submit an application for a green card Lottery.

Yes. If you have a profession which requires at least two years of training or experience to perform. Although the occupation doesn’t have to include an academic diploma, you must demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to become eligible.