green card Application Process

green card Application Process

The green card application process is very bureaucratic and entails many steps. However, the US State Department doesn’t require any English test and doesn’t aim to determine your English level; you’ll have to fill out the entire application in English and be as clear and as specific as possible.

Ways To Apply For A green card

You Can Apply For A green card Under Several Grounds

green card Lottery Process

Step1: Submit an Entry

You have to submit your entry for the isgc global lottery in the first step. There is a limited time period when you can apply for a diverse immigrant visa. Every year the state’s department issues detailed guidelines to apply for the diversity visa. These instructions also include the dates you have to apply for a diversity visa.
All entries are submitted electronically, and one person can only submit one entry. The state’s US department uses sophisticated technologies to detect multiple entries. If someone is found to submit multiple entries, they will be disqualified. The link for submitting entries only works during the days specified by the state’s department for submitting entries.
Once you submit the entries, you will be provided with a confirmation number. Make sure to record this number and keep it safe because it will be used to check your application’s status later, and there is no other way of doing that.

Step2: Selection

Every year, the US’s state department randomly selects the applicants for the diversity visa program. These selections are based on allocating available visas in each region and country from all registered entries. During the first week of May, the results are declared, and you can check your status on the Entrant Status Check website by putting the confirmation number provided to you during the time of application. 

Step3: After Selection

You must keep in mind that if you are selected for the isgc global lottery, then the US’s States department will not inform you by mail, email, or other means. Entrant Status Check is the only way to see if your application is selected or rejected. If you are selected for the diversity visa program, you must complete some steps mentioned on that page before appearing for the consulate interview.

Step4: Qualification Requirements

If you are applying for the diversity visa program, then according to the US Laws, the applicant must have a high school education, or equivalent degree, or 2 years of work experience. If you do not have either of the required education or working experience, you won’t be considered eligible for the Diversity Visa. You should not pursue your diversity visa application if you do not meet the criteria.

Step5: Submit Your Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application

If you are a principal applicant for a diversity visa, you have to fill  Form DS-260 online. You have to enter your Diversity Visa case number on the DS-260 form to access and update the information about yourself and your family.
If there has been a change to your family circumstances after applying for the diversity visa as you got married or having a child, you have to add the new family member to your case. You will also need to provide a document to prove your relationship with the newly added family member.
After the successful submission of the form DS-260, you will get a confirmation page. Make sure to print the confirmation page and bring it with you when you come for the interview. 

Step6: Submit Supporting Documents

After your DS-260 application form is received and processed, you will receive instructions regarding the supporting documents. You will be notified which documents you have to submit and how to submit them. You will not be called for an interview until you submit the scanned copies of the required documents. If you cannot provide a document, then you have to send an explanation with your case number that why a certain document is missing. When you are called for an interview at the consulate office, you have to bring your original documents. Mostly the documents that you need to submit are:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Court and Prison Records
  • Military Records
  • Police Certificates
  • Photocopy of Valid Passport Biographic Data Page

The document requirements may vary from country to country. There may be additional instructions and requirements for some countries. You will be provided proper instructions regarding each document based on your residing country.

Step7: Interview

After your application has been reviewed, you may receive an email from the state department informing you that your interview has been scheduled. You will be informed of your interview’s time, date, and location. All these things will be mentioned on the entrant status check website. Make sure to print and bring it with you. Make suitable preparations for the interview.


Step8: Preparing for the Interview

It is important to prepare for the interview carefully. Otherwise, it can result in the delay of your application. Once you are informed about your interview’s time and date, you must take the following steps very carefully.

  • Carefully review the scheduling information of your interview. Make sure you note down the exact date, time, and location.
  • Review U.S. Embassy or Consulate Interview Instructions carefully. There may be any additional instruction by the consulate or embassy when you are being called for an interview.
  • Make sure to schedule and complete the medical checkup. You have to undergo a suggested medical checkup by an authorized physician. You have to complete the medical examination and the necessary vaccination before you appear for the interview. 
  • Gather your photographs and all other documents that are required. You have to bring two identical photographs according to the following photograph requirements. Also, make sure that you have the following documents with you:
    > Printed Appointment Information
    >DS-260 confirmation page
    >Passport (with 6 months validity)
    >Original documents or certified copies of other documents specified by the consulate or embassies such as evidence of qualification or work experience required for DV visa, deportation documentation, Marriage certificate, marriage termination certificate, custody documentation, or any additional documents required by the US government.

Step9: After the Interview

After the interview, there are two possibilities. 

  • Visa Approval
  • Visa Denial

If your visa is approved, you will be provided with further instructions to get your visa and passport back. There will be further instructions for immigration, and you will have to pay the USCIS immigration fee to get entry into the US. 

green card Application Process
From Outside The US

Each basis for a green card requires that you fill out a different kind of form and usually prove that your claim is indeed valid.

Most forms will require your personal information, your family’s personal information, documentation, which proves that you are
eligible for a green card (marriage certificate, job acceptance letter, etc.) and two passport-style photos.
The US State Department reviews your application and makes sure that your information is sincere and lawful. If your petition was
approved, you’d typically be invited to an interview at the US State Department to establish that you really are a desired future American permanent citizen.
Once you pass your interview, all that you need to do is wait for your immigrant visa number, which will be issued to you a few weeks after your acceptance to the United States.

Frequently asked questions

No. You must answer each question and elaborate as much as possible. A question that will be responded carelessly could cause your automatic disqualification. 

Once your application was submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation letter, which will includes your confirmation code. You must keep this number at all times, to receive your petition’s results. 

If you’ve received your confirmation letter, don’t submit the forms online again. A second registration could cause your exclusion by the State Department.

Unfortunately, your entry wasn’t recorded. You’ll have to restart the process. Not to worry, it won’t be considered as a second registration.