US DV Lottery Program 2022

US DV Lottery Program 2022

The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program or the green card Lottery of 2022 will collocate 50,000 lucky few with permanent residency status in the US.
The incredible program allows people from far and wide to get a chance to live and work in America.
The 2022 US lottery registration is already available, and applications will be accepted by November 6.
The draw itself will occur in May.

US DV Program Entry Requirements

To join the US DV Lottery Program 2022, you must complete the following steps:

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    Fill in basic information

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    Receive your US confirmation code

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    Start filling out you’re lengthy application. If your information changes over time, make sure to update it on your online request

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    Upload 2 passport-style photos and required documentation

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    Submit the US DV Lottery 2022 form

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    In May, check the US website to see if you won, using your confirmation code

The application is quite long and requires an advanced level of English.
Forms that aren’t made out correctly usually get disqualified.
We help you submit the form, so it will surely meet and surpass the US State Department’s requirements.

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Win In The US DV Program

What Happens If I Win In The US DV Program?

If you win the green card Lottery, that’s incredible! However, you’d still have to complete an interview to prove to the U.S State Department that you are worthy of the prestigious green card.
If you pass your interview, you’ll usually receive your green card six to seven weeks later. Congratulations!

Are You Eligible?

Green Card Requirements

Frequently asked questions

A green card is a kind of visa – the best visa you can have. Unlike most visas, a green card allows you to live and work in the USA with no limit to your stay.

You’ll need to renew your green card every ten years, and after five years alone, could apply to become real citizens.

Yes. Anyone eligible to register for the DV Lottery 2022, will be able to do so in the foreseeable future.

No. You can only fill out and send the application online.