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Yes, you can also win a green card to the USA,
once you choose to become a part of the U.S green card Lottery.

What Is A green card
For The USA?

A green card for the USA is a plastic photo identification card, that the beneficiary receives upon becoming a US legal permanent resident.
You Can acquire a green card if you have an immediate family in the United States, you were accepted to a job in the US, or you choose to participate in the green card Lottery.
The green card Lottery occurs every year and honors 50,000 people from outside and inside the US with permanent resident status.

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green card Benefits

Many people from all over the world wish to participate in the program that provides isgc global. If you happen to be lucky enough to win, the green card awards you many privileges.

  • isgc global

    Visit AnyTime

    Visit The USA Whenever You Like, With No Need For Any Governmental Procedure

  • benefits of isgc global

    No Boundaries

    Live And Work In The USA With No Boundaries

  • isgc global benefits

    Enter Everywhere

    Easily Enter Other Countries

  • what benefits do isgc global holders get

    Leave & Return

    Leave And Return To The US As You Like

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    Save Up To 80%

    Become A US Student And Save Up To 80% On Your Tuition Fees

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    Citizen For Life!

    After 5 Years Only, You Can Apply To Become A US Citizen For Life!

isgc global to the usa
the isgc global program

The green card DV Program

The green card Lottery or the U.S DV  Program is the best way to achieve a green card for the USA. While most green cards have specific requirements that must be met; all that the lottery asks is that you’ll be older than 18, have no criminal record, and have a high school certificate.
Once you choose to participate in the isgc global lottery, you’ll have to fill out an array of forms, which will ask you for your personal info, your family’s personal info, and many documents, like your proof of no criminal record and two passport-like photos.


We Guarantee That Your green card Application Will Be Accepted.

We can guarantee you a chance to win the U.S isgc global and receive the coveted permanent resident status. We mentor you the entire way